WWE Raw: Goldberg Returns And Accepts Challenge To Face Brock Lesnar

Hello Guyz, well WWE Raw this week was awsome, Because the greatest WCW Champion Goldberg makes his return.It was awsome to see Goldberg’s entrance.WWE universe chants louder ”goooooold berrrrggg” “goooooold berrrrggggg”. Goldberg say thanks to wwe usniverse for making his return so special. His family was also there. And after, he accepts the challenge to face Brock lesnar. His ending words “it dosen’t mean brock lesnar that you r next but more importantly it means brock lesnar you are the last”.

wwe raw gold berg returns

here is the Goldberg segment from WWE Raw.

src: youtube

so guyz be excited for next episode of WWE Raw.

and stay tuned with us for more…!!!

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