Top 5 Most Expensive Shoes Of The World (Mens)

Hello guyz, today i will tell you about most expensive shoes in the world. So guyz lets start it.

5. Stefano Bemer Shoes

Very famous and expensive brand.

It takes 3 months to compeleting a single pair of shoes.

Price- $2000/-


4. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes

Use of Diamonds.

Luxurious and Expensive brand.

It was launched in very limited number.

Price- $4,700/-


3. Louis Vuitton Shoes

World famous, Luxurious and Expensive products.

Every single inch of this footgear is handmade and perfect.

Price- $10,000/-


2. House of Testoni Shoes

Products produced according to the requirements of customers.

Made from alligator skin and jewelry item.

Looks lovely and provide compelete Luxurious statement to the person.

Price- $35,000/


1. Tom Ford with Diamonds

Fully covered with 14000 diamonds and is inserted into a pure white gold layer on it.

Most expensive loafers in the world.

Price- $2 million

tom-ford with diamonds

so guyz these are the top 5 expensive shoes of the world.

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