WWE Smackdown Live: AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose Confronted Each Other

Hey guyz, wwe smackdown this week ended in very enjoyfull way as AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose confronted each other.

dean oouch

Deciding to air footage of AJ being taking a crotch-shot from the top rope again, Ambrose was all giggles while AJ fumed. But according to Ambrose, he was just trying to help AJ by giving him a higher-pitched voice to match his soccer mom haircut. Anyway, the two engaged in some verbal foreplay before the main event at Backlash, with the jousting ending with a crotch shot from Styles to Ambrose as Smackdown ended for the night.

Let’s see whos will win at Backlash 2016 when Dean Ambrose fight one-on-one with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship.

stay tuned with us for more.

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