WWE Raw: Seth Ruins Kevin Owen’s Celebration

Hello guyz, This week wwe raw is very exciting , Starts with the celebration party for kevin owen’s victory on raw last week and become wwe universal champion.

Stephanie McMahon was backstage planning a celebration party for new WWE Universal Champ Kevin Owens, but Mick Foley wanted some asnwers regarding her husband Triple H’s involvement in in that title bout. Stephanie said that she totes had no idea that Triple H was planning to alter the match outcome by introducing Seth Rollin’s face to the mat with a Pedigree. Naturally, Foley was skeptical.

kewin 2

After that bit, Owens made his way to the RAW ring and was showered in balloons. Owens was in full heel mode, mocking the crowd for supporting him and telling the audience that all that Triple H did was give him a little nudge towards his victory.

rollin speak

Seth Rollins decided to interrupt, words were exchanged and Owens got clobbered by Rollins. Rollins attack kevin owens and then brawl begin. Rollins give punches to kevin owens and he rolled out from the ring.

rollin attack

Which at this point, led to Stephanie indefinitely suspending Rollins, which Mick Foley decided to counter by setting up a rematch at the upcoming Night of Champions PPV between the two for the championship.

later at backstage,Owens then appeared, complained and found himself in a match with Sami Zayn. Then Chris Jericho decided to complain more and found himself booked into a match against Rollind for later on in the night.

lets see who wins at Night of Champions( upcoming PPV event).

Stay tuned with us for more.

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