WWE Raw 5 Sept,2016 After Celebration Other Matches

Bayley Defeated Charlotte

bayley asli

well, on wwe raw this week bayley defeated charlotte, during match both womens perform very well. During match, Charlotte tried a sneaky pin at this point, but Bayley kicked her out hard enough to send her flying into Dana Brooke,  that  work as distraction, while a belly to belly suplex left Charlotte out cold, bayley take the venage of it and beat the women’s champion.

Bo Dallas defeated Kyle Roberts

bo dallas

later on raw, we saw Bolievers were in for a treat as Bo Dallas took a local jobber to RAW school with a series of knees and clotheslines before hitting a spinning reverse DDT to get the win. Bo Dallas seems change on raw this week. A change who helps him to get  victory this week.

Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho

seth y2j

Another Mindblowing great match, as Rollins took the opening offensive and painted the RAW ring with the gift of Jericho. Using a few of his craftier techniques, Jericho escaped the ring and walked straight into a suicide dive from Rollins. Y2J would counter these attacks however, with a comeback that left Rollins shaken. The match cam down to an endurance test in the end however, as Rollins and Jericho began trading kicks to see who would be standing in the end.

but Rollins kick Jericho and turns it into pedigree, refree count 1 ,2 and 3. bell rang and Rollins is the winner.

Sheamus defeated Cesaro


later we saw a match of best of 7 series between Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro was injured during his match last week. With a taped-up back, Cesaro and Sheamus continued their feud, with the Irishman quickly countering the Swiss Superman’s attacks with a series of Irish Curse backbreakers. Targetting the back was a wise choice, as it left Cesaro hobbled and open for a Celtic Cross finisher. Result- Sheamus  wins.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn


kevin khatma

then it was a time for WWE Raw Main Event Sami zayn vs Kevin owens. With his ankle injured, Zayn began selling his weak point as he couldn’t hit his trademark boots on Owens. Owens however could use his legs, with a superkick and a powerbomb on Zayn making certain that he left RAW as the WWE Universal Champion. Top-rope action, big slams and all that. But it was still solid stuff!

kevin end 2

With that match over, Roman Reigns’ music hit, prompting Owens to beat a hasty retreat when Reigns entered the ring, his new bestfriend Chris Jericho being there to provide support as well.Mick Foley was there to keep things calm, revealing that Reigns would get a shot at Owens next week on RAW. If Reigns wins, he’ll be eligible for a championship shot at Night of Champions with the match between Owens and Rollins becoming a Triple Threat.

keeda kevin

While Owens walked off to the back, Jericho attempted to ambush Reigns. Instead, Jericho’s organs got introduced to a spear from Reigns as RAW went off the air.

wohooooo…!! An powerfull spear from roman..!!

stay tuned with us for more..!! we will back soon with our next wwe updates..!! stay excited..!!

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