Secret Hidden Basketball Game On Messenger..!!

Welcome guyz, today i tell you how to play secret hidden basketball game on Facebook messenger app. Many of us use this Messenger everyday but i bet you don’t know this secret hidden feature of Facebook Messenger.

Yes! There is a secret hidden basketball game that the Facebook messenger features. Although it is not direct, but here is how you can play it on the messenger with a friend. No, it doesn’t require any cheat codes or stuff like that. Instead, it is very simple. Here’s how.



To start, first you need to send a BASKETBALL EMOJI to a friend on chat in the messenger.

post pic

Tap on that emoji. The game will be played by throwing the basketball through the hoop. This shall be the objective of this game.

After a few rounds, the difficulty level goes up. Your score is increased by the number of baskets you gain in one go. When you miss a basket, the score stops counting.

This can be played as many times you wish and for as many hours you wish. You can try to beat yours or your friend’s score anytime!

well guyz, check it now and enjoy the game with your buddiez.

stay tuned with us for more..!!


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