WWE Smackdown Live: Ziggler Confronts The Miz


Welcome guyz, WWE Smackdown Live of this week starts with an amazing moments. we can say it “COWARD MOMENT”. The GM Daniel Bryan said ” Miz is a soft and coward”. But after hearing that miz gone wild and explain shoutly why he is a current WWE Intercontinental Champion.

While Miz was in ring, Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt Miz. Ziggler says that Miz is making a good point. He does it all.  here is a reason why the people will not get behind you. They see through you. Everyone goes above and beyond the call, but Miz just wants to be famous. That is why no one will ever believe in The Miz.  That is why Daniel Bryan calls him soft and a coward.

They see through the facade. Miz wants to walk the red carpet and hold up a title and be famous. Every single week Miz has a chance to change that perception and prove that he’s not a coward. You want to prove it to the people, Daniel Bryan, or your wife? You want to prove to yourself that you are not a coward, do it right now. No title shots, no referees, no ring bells. Just Ziggler and Miz. Prove that you can fight me right here and right now and you can prove you are not a coward. Miz says that Ziggler is on and Ziggler takes off his shirt.  Miz tells Ziggler to wait a minute and  he goes to the floor and removes his jacket.  Miz gets on the apron and then he goes back to the floor. Ziggler says that Daniel Bryan was right.  You are nothing but a soft, safe coward. Miz turns around and goes to the ring while Maryse tries to hold him back

well, i hope next time we will see exciting fight betwen them so, stay tuned with WWE Smackdown.

and also stay tuned with us for more.

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