WWE Smackdown Live: Baron Corbin Beats Dean Ambrose By Disqualification

Welcome guys, On WWE Smackdown this week the match was setup that was WWE World Champion Dean ambrose vs Baron corbin. During match AJ styles was there on commentary ringside. It was an amazing and excited match as we know that dean ambrose makes everymatch exciting with his fighting style,madness and expressions.

post dean

After an impressive showing from Corbin where he certainly appeared to have the WWE World Champion reeling several times, Ambrose had Corbin reeling. However, Styles, who was on commentary, could not help but interject himself into the match both verbally and physically, ultimately doing so one too many times, accidentally kicking Corbin when aiming for Ambrose, causing a disqualifcation victory for The Lone Wolf.

dean post two

Ambrose wasted no time in pouncing on Styles after the match, with the two immediately going at it, both on the floor and in the ring. A total melee ensued, also involving Corbin, that resulted in Ambrose getting the better of both Corbin and Styles, leaving The Phenomenal One in a rather precarious position on the ropes as the show concluded.

thats really fun too see aj styles hanging on rope. Dean do a hand-shake with styles and left him in pain.

well It was nice episode of wwe smackdown.

stay tuned with us for more.

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