WWE’s 5 Most Highest Paid Wrestlers

John Cena
John Cena

1. John Cena

Earnings: $9.5 million

One of my favourite wrestler in WWE, John Cena is on the top of the list of WWE’s 5 most highest paid wrestlers.Nobody comes close to catching  the face that runs the place. Cena not only has the biggest base salary of any weekly performer, but he also blows away the competition when it comes to merchandise sales. Cena’s earnings may soon be on the rise as he’s begun to follow formercolleague Dwayne “The Rock” John into a second act in Hollywood .

brock lesnar

2. Brock Lesnar

Earnings: $6.0 million

One of the most dominant wrestler,Brock lesnar takes 2nd place in the list of WWE’s 5 most highest paid wrestlers.Lesnar typically works fewer than 25 events per year, and only a handful of those involve any actual wrestling. Yet the former UFC champ is a major draw and arguably the WWE roster’s most entertaining performer – not to mention the only performer able to boast in-ring corporate sponsorship.


3. Triple H

Earnings: $2.8 million

Real name: Paul Levesque

Here comes The Game(triple H). Triple H is one of the powerfull wrestler in wwe.He worked as team with shawn micheals which becomes one of the most decorated team in WWE.Levesque has a unique dual role as performer and WWE executive. For the former he gets $1 million per year in salary, and last year he tacked on $700,000 in bonus money. On the corporate side he made another $1.1 million from executive salary and inventive compensation.


4. Randy Orton

Earnings: $2.7 million

WWE superstar Randy Orton is very superfast wrestler.He is also known as The Viper. The Viper is one of several major stars who will miss WrestleMania 32 due to injury. That missed time can cut into a performer’s earnings, which partly explains how Orton’s pay is down from well over $3 million just a few years ago.


5. Seth Rollins

Earnings: $2.4 million

Real name: Colby Lopez

Seth Rollins is one of the talented superstar in WWE. His career in WWE is incredible.From a storyline perspective, Rollins all but carried WWE through 2015. He held the WWE championship for 220 days and headlined nearly every PPV through November, when he was forced out of commission with a torn ACL.

So guyz,they are the WWE’s 5 most paid wrestlers .

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By Kanwerpal singh

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